Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Hello Students!

Im Dr Jawahar Laal Raina, Chairing your University on behalf of and by the blessings of His Grace Swami Sachidanand Ji Maharaj, one of the most learned GuruDev of KaliYuga, who has the capacity to transform anyone by his gracious blessings. On behalf of every member associated I welcome you to Swami Sachidanand Hindu Viswavidyalya. Here we teach, train and prepare the students to a level where they can handle any situation independently to achieve higher degree of excellence in professionalism, with an ethical mindset. We wish to train youth into a contributor to the human race, excelling in physical, material and spiritual world at the same time.

Im looking forward to adding value to everyone we come across at Hindu University with my exposure to Troops in Uniforms, IT & IT Enabled Services, Corporates, Educational and Spiritual Organisations.

What a tremendous team we have at Hindu Univerwity! Dr RK Sharma, Dr Harshit Budhiraja, Dr Anju Bala Kalia to name a few. Im really proud of my team and look forward to making difference in the life of everyone who comes to Hindu University, as a student, scholar, teacher, vendor, whatever!!

Wishing you all the best

Dr. Jawahar Laal Raina